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US Senator Lindsey Graham accused the Obama administration of being ‘completely delusional’ regarding Israel, speaking the same way as Hamas. “Your hate for Netanyahu has clouded your judgement,” he said.

The language used by White House Chief of Staff Dennis McDonough, claiming that “Israel’s 50 year occupation must end”, according to Graham, is the same used by terrorist group Hamas.
Graham questioned how anyone could be foolish enough to think that Israel should withdraw from territory at this time, turning Judea and Samaria into another Gaza. He warned that Congress will not allow the UN to define the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians.
Graham addressed US policy on Iran, noting that while America runs after a deal, Iran’s leader calls for ‘Death to America’. The Senator cautioned Obama to “Wake up and change your policy before you set the whole world on fire!”
Addressing the people of Israel, Graham said to “Do what you have to do the defend the Jewish State.” Israel needs more friends like Senator Lindsey Graham!


Graham Speaks About Status of US-Israel Relationship

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) spoke on the Senate floor last night about President Obama's White House Chief of Staff calling the Israeli presence in the West Bank an ‘occupation.'
On Saturday, Graham spoke by telephone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and congratulated him on his recent electoral victory and discussed the ‘unbreakable bonds' between the United States and Israel.
On the Security of Israel:
On Israel as an ‘Occupying' Power:
  • "The language used by the Chief of Staff of the President of the United States is exactly what Hamas uses. So now our administration is taking up the language of a terrorist organization to describe our friends in Israel. Here is a question to the American people: Would you withdraw from the West Bank, given the situation that exists today on the ground between the Israelis and the rest of the region? Would you at this moment in Israel's history completely withdraw from the West Bank, given the experience in Gaza?" -
On Prospects for a Two-State Solution:
  • "I talked with the Prime Minister [Netanyahu] Saturday and I congratulated him on a decisive victory and I look forward to working with him. He told me very clearly that he believes a two-state solution is not possible as long as the Palestinian Authority embraces Hamas, which controls the Gaza strip and is a terrorist organization by any reasonable definition. Who do you make peace with, Mr. President? What kind of deal can you make when almost half the Palestinian people are in the hands of a terrorist organization who vow to destroy you every day? What kind of deal is that?

    "Do I want a two-state solution? Yes, I would like a two-state solution, where the Palestinians recognize the right of Israel to exist and they have the ability to chart their own destiny. They are not anywhere near there. The Palestinian community is broken into two parts. The Hamas terrorist organization controls the essential part of the Palestinian community. They will not recognize Israel's right to exist. They are using the territory they hold as a launching pad for attacks against Israel routinely. These are the people who launch rockets from schoolyards and apartment buildings trying to blame Israel for being the bad guy when they respond." -
On the Iranian People ‘Speaking Out' in Favor of a Nuclear Deal:
  • "So, Mr. McDonough, President Obama, you are completely delusional about the world as it is. You are negotiating with an Iranian regime, and in the President's New Year's greeting he called on the Iranian people to speak out in support of a nuclear deal. Mr. President, don't you understand that in Iran you can't speak out; that if you do speak out and petition your government you can get shot or put in jail? You don't understand that? You are talking to people as if they have a voice. You are talking about the regime as if they are some kind of rational actor. In that same New Year's greeting, the President complimented the regime, headed up by the Ayatollahs, as being cooperative in terms of their nuclear negotiations with the P5+1. What the President didn't mention is that this very regime that is spreading terror, unlike at any time in recent memory, is involved in the toppling of four Arab capitals. They are wreaking havoc on the neighborhood. As we are negotiating on their nuclear deal, they are still the largest state sponsor of terrorism. They called for death to America 2 days ago." -
On the Current Status of US-Israel Relations:

  • "So when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it has. Let me put the Obama administration on notice. You may not like the fact that Prime Minister Netanyahu won, but he did, and here is what you need to understand. If you are recalculating the administration's support for Israel in terms of how you handle resolutions in the United Nations, you need to understand that Congress will recalculate how we relate to the United Nations if you stand on the sidelines and let the U.N. take over the peace process. -
  • "So I say to the Obama administration: Israel is not the problem. The Israeli people have not killed one American soldier. The Israeli people are in a dispute about their survival with the Palestinian people. The Israeli people gave land to the Palestinians, and in return they got 10,000 rockets, and you want them to do it again. Can't you understand why Israel may not want to withdraw from the West Bank given the history of Gaza? If you can't, you are completely blind to the world as it is, and your hatred and your disgust and your disdain for the Prime Minister has clouded your judgment." - 
Free world

Op-Ed: On Obama: There are Only Five Hours Left to the Fast; We have him all figured out now and not that long to go. by Rabbi Dov Fisher

Besides being an attorney and law professor, I also have been a rav (rabbi) for more than thirty years.  Almost every Yom Kippur and Tish’a B’Av, I see people looking at their watches or the clock (and, on Tisha B’Av, at their smart phones) as the fast day wanes on.  They are the ones who are beginning to suffer headaches, perhaps nausea, or — worse — migraines.  They come to me, 19 or 20 hours into the fast, and ask the ultimate sh’ailah (“rabbinic question”) that comes second on the “all-time-list of-sh’eilot” that are asked of a rav:  “Rav, how many hours are left to the fast?”  (By the way, Number One on the list:  “Rav what time next week can we start eating chametz again?”)
We Jews may complain, but we are not wimps, despite our attorneys with briefcases, doctors with white smocks, and accountants with calculators.  When we fast, man do we fast — no food and no water.  None of this “I-am-fasting-so-I-only-drink-juice” baloney.  When we fast, we do it full-court-press.  And the result, for some, is that the head swoons a bit, and other discomforts hit as we pass the three-quarters mark.  
But we always make it to the end of the fast day.  With just a bit more mettle, we know we soon will be davening Maariv (the evening prayers) to mark the end of Tish’a B’Av or soon will be reciting “Hashem Hu Ha-Elokim” (Hashem is G-d) seven times, followed by the Shofar, to mark the end of Kippur.  
Water and other beverages are just around the bend.  And bagels and lox in their wake.  Just five more hours left to the fast.

Historians will scratch their heads a century from now as they try determining how Obama got awarded the Nobel Peace Prize practically on the day he was elected.
That is how we all now should view Obama.  Only five more hours left to the fast.  He has wreaked more damage on America and on the world, often through incompetent interventionist bad policies and equally often through incredibly incompetent inaction, than has any American President before him.  
He never was qualified to get the job, and — remarkably — he somehow never grew while in the job.  He rose in American politics without any executive experience, lacked world affairs experience, and had served only very briefly in the United States Senate, doing limited legislative work and leveraging his very brief time there to focus primarily on running for President.  He ran for President at a perfect time for him — facing the weakest of Republican Presidential candidates, John McCain, and an American economy that was in utter collapse amid his campaign.  
So everyone wanted a change, and he slipped in, with the famous proclamation that this would be the day that the oceans stopped rising and the earth healed.
Suddenly we had a narcissistic incompetent, a vindictive and petty megalomaniac who surrounded himself at one famous public speech with Greek or Roman columns on either side, like an emperor addressing his empire.  And the world’s liberals and bleeding hearts lapped it up.  Historians will scratch their heads a century from now as they try determining how Obama got awarded the Nobel Peace Prize practically on the day he was elected.  Americans will remember the President who left his post to shower the International Olympic Committee with his awe, expecting them to respond by awarding the Olympic Games to Chicago.  He lost that one, as he has lost every single negotiation in which he has engaged with foreign sources.
He does not know how to negotiate.  He opened America’s relations with Cuba — a thoroughly defensible political decision half a century after tensions with Havana reached a boiling point during the Cuban Missile Crisis — but he got nothing in return for it.  He pulled back Poland’s and Czechoslovakia’s ability to defend themselves from Russian aerial aggression without gaining a re-set with Vladimir Putin.  
He announced to the Taliban that we would be withdrawing soon unilaterally from Afghanistan, and he announced that all the gains America had achieved in quieting Iraq, after the “Surge” urged by Sen. McCain and overseen by Gen. David Petraeus had succeeded, would be abandoned by a complete American withdrawal.  As ISIS emerged to fill the void in Iraq, he joked of them, calling them a mere “J.V.” — a junior varsity team of first- and second-year students, nothing serious, nothing to lose one’s head over.
On his watch, Putin has seized the Crimea and now makes territorial inroads in Ukraine, while opponents either get assassinated in front of the Kremlin or get imprisoned for decades.  On Obama’s watch, Egypt went from Mubarak to Morsi and the Moslem Brotherhood — in which Obama strangely rejoiced — until Gen. Al-Sisi miraculously rose to put down the Moslem Brotherhood, a development that initially saw Obama restrict American support for Egypt.  
On Obama’s watch, America remained silent as Iranians risked their lives in the streets to protest fraudulent elections and demand freedom.  On Obama’s watch, Libya went from a crazy and deranged dictator who had slowed somewhat with age, to new crazy and deranged terrorists running wild, tearing up the country, murdering Westerners and assassinating an American Ambassador in Benghazi.  On Obama’s watch, Yemen now is in flames while China has gained control of 90 percent of militarily strategic rare-earth elements.
When our American ambassador in Benghazi was murdered, Obama and Hillary Clinton — the latter another blight, though far less appealing to American voters — tried a ploy to shift blame for their own incompetence and mismanagement to a schlemazel (guy with bad luck) who had posted a dopey 10-minute film on Youtube that was disrespectful to the Mohammed of the Koran.  It was a pathetically bad film, with maybe 300 views and maybe four “likes,” and virtually no one had seen it.  So Obama, Clinton, and their staff put out the word that the murder of the American ambassador in Benghazi, actually timed to coincide with the eleventh anniversary of the September 11 World Trade Center tragedy, was the result of the insignificant Youtube video.  
They sent out Susan Rice, a remarkably unqualified political amateur whom they had elevated to America’s United Nations Ambassador and who now fittingly is Obama’s National Security Advisor, to go on one television talk show after another, blaming the massacre in Benghazi on the ten-minute Youtube video.  They even arrested Nakoula Nakoula (aka Sam Bacile), the maker of the video — as they now are moving to arrestUnited States Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey, who has opposed Obama on both his Cuba give-away and on Obama’s now trying to give away Israel.
Even with America’s friends, Obama is an embarrassment.  In South Africa at the somber memorial for Nelson Mandela, Obama was taking selfies with Angela Merkel.  When he visited England, he gave Queen Elizabeth an iPod and Prime Minister Gordon Brown a box of 25 movies DVDs, a gift the London Telegraph described as “exciting as a pair of socks.”  After notably missing the mass march in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, he sent John Kerry to France with folksinger James Taylor to sing “You’ve Got a Friend.”  
And then, of course, Israel.
It is important to remember that 6 years and two months have passed since Obama’s first inauguration.  More than three-quarters of his maximum eight-year term are done.  Only 22 months to go.  Only five hours left to the fast.  These will be a painful 22 months, as the last five hours of the fast always are.  He has done so much damage already, and there is so much more to be done.  
But, on the other hand, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has demonstrated, we all “have his number” now.  He no longer fools us with sweet promises he will not keep.  We know he wants to destroy America’s oil industry, so that industry now is conducting hydraulic fracking on private lands that he cannot control.  The Congress knows how his Internal Revenue Service targeted political conservatives for harassment, how his Justice Department under Eric Holder became a tool of politics that has fanned racial tensions, that he has no intention of securing America’ southern border.
We all have him figured out now. The voters know him well enough to surround him on both sides with both a Republican Senate and a Republican House of Representaives, augmented with an overwhelming array of Republican governors. 
Little by little, his power and authority is being reined in, a lame duck from whom many in his own Democrat Party are shirking and withdrawing, even as he quacks ever louder as his oceans recede and ponds recede.
We just need to be strong a bit longer.  To issue permits to build in Judea and Samaria.  To insist that Abu Mazen recognize Israel as a Jewish State.  Not to give in to the temptation to buckle, not to snack and not to drink.  Just five more hours left to the fast.  The tea and coffee, bagels and lox, are just around the corner.  We can do it. 
We always have.
Rabbi Dov Fischer is author of General Sharon’s War Against Time Magazine (Steimatzky: 1985). His political commentaries have appeared on the op-ed pages of the Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, National Review,  Los Angeles Times, and in other major American publications.  He formerly was Chief Articles Editor of UCLA Law Review, is an adjunct professor of law at two prominent American law schools, and is Rav of Young Israel of Orange County, California.  He is author of Jews for Nothing (Feldheim: 1983) and is in his fifth year as a member of the National Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America. His writings can be found at  As with all of Rabbi Prof. Fischer’s writings, this commentary expresses his own views.
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Cleaning the Wall

Ahead of Pesach, Kotel employees clean out the Western Wall from all the notes, or “Kvitlach”, placed there by visiting worshipers.
There is a tradition that when visiting the Kotel, you can write a prayer or request and then place it in the wall.
Twice a year the notes are gathered up, and then buried in a Jewish cemetery.

The J Street Challenge - Full Film in HD

The J Street Challenge exposes the biggest 'pro-Israel' fraud ever perpetrated. It's available online for a limited time only.

Let's go to the videotape.

J Street is a fraud created by and for the Obama administration. This video shows why.

Israel Matzav: Gee, do you think this is relevant? Germanwings co-pilot reported to be a 'recent convert to Islam'

Many in the politically correct media are becoming annoyed with questions regarding the religious beliefs of Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Gunter Lubitz. Lubitz locked the pilot out of the cabin of an Airbus A-320 jet over the French Alps on Tuesday and crashed the plane into a mountain at 434 miles per hour, killing himself and murdering an additional 140 people. 
Questions about the religious background of Andreas Lubitz, the Germanwings pilot who investigators said deliberately crashed a plane in the French Alps this week, killing all on board, have sparked outrage and debate about whether such information is relevant to the investigation. When a reporter asked French Prosecutor Brice Robin of Marseille, during a news conference Thursday, whether he knew Lubitz’s religion, Robin said he did not know and added, “I don’t think that’s where the answer to this lies.”
The question suggested that Lubitz’s religious background was relevant to the investigation behind the pilot’s alleged deliberate downing of Germanwings Flight 9525 on Tuesday. Robin said the crash did not show any signs of terrorism. Some were appalled by the reporter’s inquiry.
“This line of questioning makes no sense to me whatsoever,” said Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, an associate professor of political science with a courtesy appointment in religious studies at Northwestern University in Illinois. “I find it disturbing and depressing that at a time like this some people feel compelled to search desperately for explanations that presume religious causation.”
Really, Professor Hurd? NO SENSE? It's all just a coincidence?
In 1999, the pilot of a Boeing 767 intentionally plunged the fully loaded plane into the Atlantic Ocean 30 minutes after takeoff from New York City on a nonstop flight to Cairo. An investigation found the pilot, Gamal al-Batouti, had said several times in Arabic, “I rely on God,” as the plane's autopilot function was disconnected and Egypt Air 999 plunged. The phrase is often associated with the moments before death.
The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board concluded that no mechanical event could have caused the plane to dive. But Egyptian officials never accepted the conclusion that al-Batouti had intentionally crashed, and conspiracy theories spread.
And another one that this article does not mention: Malaysia Airlines 370.
Investigators are now telling the London Telegraph that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was taken on a suicide mission.

The team investigating the Boeing 777’s disappearance believe no malfunction or fire was capable of causing the aircraft’s unusual flight or the disabling of its communications system before it veered wildly off course on a seven-hour silent flight into the sea. An analysis of the flight’s routing, signalling and communications shows that it was flown “in a rational way”.
An official source told The Telegraph that investigators believe “this has been a deliberate act by someone on board who had to have had the detailed knowledge to do what was done ... Nothing is emerging that points to motive.”
Asked about the possibility of a plane malfunction or an on-board fire, the source said: “It just does not hinge together... [The investigators] have gone through processes you do to get the plane where it flew to for eight hours. They point to it being flown in a rational way.” 
The flight remains shrouded in mystery and misinformation. Malaysia Airlines revealed for the first time yesterday that Fariq Abdul Hamid, the 27-year-old co-pilot, was on his first flight aboard a Boeing 777 as a fully-approved pilot. Fariq joined the airline seven years ago and had flown 2,763 hours but was only on his sixth flight in the cockpit of a 777 – and his first without a check pilot overseeing him.

But analysts said the co-pilot’s inexperience in a 777 cockpit would probably not have posed a risk.
Somewhat surprisingly, Malaysia Airlines said last night its “prayers go out to all the loved ones of the 226 passengers and of our 13 friends and colleagues” – even though the passenger manifest shows 227 passengers and 12 crew. The airline has not yet explained the discrepancy.
Would not have posed a risk, but would have made it much more likely that it took him a while to figure out what was going on. And most of the passengers probably never knew what happened.  Unless someone had a transponder (unlikely), most passengers on a flight like that would just go to sleep. The crew probably served dinner without realizing what their captain had done. From the families' perspective, they might take some solace in the fact that the passengers probably died peacefully - many of them in their sleep.

The captain - distraught over a divorce and over his political idol being jailed, and devout in his Muslim religion (that which must never be mentioned) - took them all down with him.
While French authorities are refusing to discuss Lubitz's religion,  Christian websites are reporting that Lubitz was a recent convert to Islam
It was said that Lubitz had a Muslim girlfriend. It is unclear if she was still dating Lubitz at the time of the crash. It is unclear if he met the woman through his Muslims friends.

One said that Lubitz had broken off the relationship after he pledged to commit Jihad for Allah.

We do know that Lubitz trained at the Lufthansa Flight Training School in Bremen, Germany.

Bremen is home to the Mosque Masjidu-l-Furqan Mosque:

This Mosque was raided by the police in December 2014

BERLIN, Dec 5 (KUNA) — German authorities have closed a mosque in the northern city of Bremen, after it was accused of encouraging youth to join the extremist Islamic State group (known as ISIL), which is carrying out violent killings across Syria and Iraq.

In unprecedented circumstances, more than 100 German police personnel carried out a search of Masjidu-l-Furqan and its accompanying cultural office, which had both been under police radar since 2007.

The decision comes amid the fight against ISIL ideology, Bremen Interior Secretary Ulrich Maurer said, accusing the mosque’s management of promoting ISIL values and encouraging young Muslims in the city to travel to Syria and Iraq, and join the ranks of the group, along with Al-Nusra Front – another extremist group in Syria.

The centre have so far succeeded in inspiring a total eight men, seven women and 11 juveniles to travel to Syria and join ISIL, according to the official.
Lubitz did his time in Bremen when the Mosque was under surveillance.


Lubitz converted to Islam during his break.

Reason that pushed Lubitz over the edge? The raid on the Mosque in Breman  this past December?

The Police say they found a significant discovery in his home - not a suicide note:

Police investigating the Germanwings crash said they had made a 'significant discovery' at the home of co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who deliberately ploughed the Airbus A320 into the French Alps. Officers refused to reveal details of the potential breakthrough but said it was not a suicide note. Speaking outside the flat on the outskirts of Dusseldorf, police said they had 'found something' that would now be taken for tests, adding it may be a 'clue' as to what happened to the doomed jet.Daily Mail Read More>>>
Is the significant discovery something Islamic? Something on his computer? A Koran? A Muslim prayer rug?
And for those of you who - like me - have the choice of flying Israeli, European or American airlines, here is a sobering thought:
The A320 is designed with safeguards to allow emergency entry if a pilot inside is unresponsive, but the override code known to the crew does not go into effect — and indeed goes into a lockdown — if the person inside the cockpit specifically denies entry, according to an Airbus training video and a pilot who has six years of experience with the jets.
Airlines in Europe are not required to have two people in the cockpit at all times, unlike the standard U.S. operating procedure after the 9/11 attacks changed to require a flight attendant to take the spot of a briefly departing pilot.
Sounds like the US procedure is a good idea. I don't know what the Israeli procedure is, but I would guess there is some kind of safeguard to keep a lone pilot from crashing a plane. 

What a sad commentary on our times that these things are necessary

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Eric Odom's photo.

AP Reporter Grills State Dept. Spokeswoman | Truth Revolt

As the White House continues its attacks on Israeli Premier Netanyahu for things he never said, the Administration seems to be ignoring the Supreme Leader of Iran's calls for "death to America." When Associated Press reporter Matt Lee challenged State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki on the issue during Tuesday's press briefing, Psaki did all she could to avoid answering the question.
Lee: This has been raised before by other people, but I will ask it again now in this---the same context. When the Supreme Leader of Iran is continuing---in the middle of these negotiations is continuing to make statements like, “Death to America,” how is that not problematic for you?  How is that not something---why are you just willing to let it slide basically, and you are holding the Prime Minister of Israel to comments that he made and since changed?
Psaki: Well, Matt, I think we would hardly put the Supreme Leader and the leadership of Israel in the same category. Israel is a strategic partner, a security partner---
Lee: Are you saying the Iranians can be trusted but the Israelis can’t? Is that what you are saying?
Psaki: Let me finish! No. I am actually trying to say that our relationship with Israel is abiding, is strong, it’s a security relationship, it’s one we are committed to. Do we have a disagreement about some issues like how we should proceed with preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon? Yes. Do we think it isn’t impossible to just forget what the Prime Minister said when it is conflicting with past precedent and past policy for some time? Yes. But obviously we’re continuing our discussions. The Secretary has been in touch with Prime Minister Netanyahu; we remain committed to the relationship.  Remember we’re not evaluating our relationship with Israel; we are evaluating how to proceed as it relates to a two-state solution.
Lee: All of that is well and good, but the Supreme Leader of Iran represents a regime that took over the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and held hundreds of American’s hostages for a long time, is what you say is a leading state sponsor of terrorism---
Psaki: And remains, and will be if there’s a deal.
Lee: Right, and you're willing to let his words slide but not that of a country of which you say you have a great security relationship.
Psaki: No, I would disagree with that.  I would say one, as a reminder even if there is a deal with Iran it doesn’t mean we let slide or forget whether it’s the comments, or more importantly the actions, state sponsorship of terrorism, their human rights record, the fact that they are holding American citizens, they continue to hold American citizens including a Washington Post reporter in their jails, these are issues we remain very concerned about, those concerns are not going to be soothed by a deal. But we also feel that preventing Iran from acquitting a nuclear weapon is in our interests, it is in the interests of the international community, that’s why we’re pursing it, it’s not a matter of trust. Our relationship with Israel is one that’s strong and abiding.

Israel Matzav: Obama's revenge continues - exposes Israel's nuke program

Did you ever have a kid throw a tantrum and just start throwing things around your house? That's what Barack Hussein Obama is doing. He's having a tantrum and he's throwing around pieces of the US-Israel relationship.

The mainstream media has largely missed it, but early last month, the Obama administration exposed details about Israel's nuclear program. The details were part of a 1987 report on the nuclear capabilities of Israel and the NATO countries. But Israel - and only Israel - has been exposed
[T]he Pentagon early last month quietly declassified a Department of Defense top-secret document detailing Israel's nuclear program, a highly covert topic that Israel has never formally announced to avoid a regional nuclear arms race, and which the US until now has respected by remaining silent.

But by publishing the declassified document from 1987, the US reportedly breached the silent agreement to keep quiet on Israel's nuclear powers for the first time ever, detailing the nuclear program in great depth.
The timing of the revelation is highly suspect, given that it came as tensions spiraled out of control between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama ahead of Netanyahu's March 3 address in Congress, in which he warned against the dangers of Iran's nuclear program and how the deal being formed on that program leaves the Islamic regime with nuclear breakout capabilities.
Another highly suspicious aspect of the document is that while the Pentagon saw fit to declassify sections on Israel's sensitive nuclear program, it kept sections on Italy, France, West Germany and other NATO countries classified, with those sections blocked out in the document.
The 386-page report entitled "Critical Technological Assessment in Israel and NATO Nations" gives a detailed description of how Israel advanced its military technology and developed its nuclear infrastructure and research in the 1970s and 1980s.
Israel is "developing the kind of codes which will enable them to make hydrogen bombs. That is, codes which detail fission and fusion processes on a microscopic and macroscopic level," reveals the report, stating that in the 1980s Israelis were reaching the ability to create bombs considered a thousand times more powerful than atom bombs.
The revelation marks a first in which the US published in a document a description of how Israel attained hydrogen bombs.
The report also notes research laboratories in Israel "are equivalent to our Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore and Oak Ridge National Laboratories," the key labs in developing America's nuclear arsenal.
Israel's nuclear infrastructure is "an almost exact parallel of the capability currently existing at our National Laboratories," it adds.
"As far as nuclear technology is concerned the Israelis are roughly where the U.S. was in the fission weapon field in about 1955 to 1960," the report reveals, noting a time frame just after America tested its first hydrogen bomb.
Institute for Defense Analysis, a federally funded agency operating under the Pentagon, penned the report back in 1987.
 Obama's term cannot come to an end soon enough. What a despicable piece of dirt.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Harvey Weinstein Urges Jews to Take on Anti-Semites: "Kick These Guys in the Ass"

"We're gonna have to get as organized as the mafia," the mogul told the audience at the Simon Wiesenthal Center's national tribute dinner, where he was introduced by friend and competitor Jeffrey Katzenberg as "a really nice Jewish boy."

Harvey Weinstein Cannes Arrivals 2012 - H 2014
AP Photo/Joel Ryan
"We better stand up and kick these guys in the ass," movie mogul Harvey Weinstein said about present-day anti-Semites as he accepted the Humanitarian Award at the Simon Wiesenthal Center's National Tribute Dinner on Tuesday night at the Beverly Hilton. "We're gonna have to get as organized as the mafia," he continued. "We just can't take it anymore [from] these crazy bastards."
At the conclusion of a ceremony that celebrated four Jewish and gentile heroes (several posthumously), and at which more than a dozen Holocaust survivors were asked to stand and be applauded, Weinstein was introduced by his longtime friend and competitorJeffrey Katzenberg — the event's master of ceremonies — and Christoph Waltz. The actor has twice won the best supporting actor Oscar for roles in Weinstein films, the first time for portraying a Nazi in Inglourious Basterds. Weinstein said to hearty applause, "Too bad movies can't all be like Inglourious Basterds, where Hitler gets what he deserves." 
Weinstein, 63, then went off-script to speak about his father, who was a sergeant stationed in Cairo during World War II. The elder Weinstein aided the Haganah (the precursor to the IDF before Israel was a state) and later taught his sons about anti-Semitism. Weinstein emphasized his concern about anti-Semitism around the world, which Wiesenthal Center studies indicate is at its highest levels since the end of World War II.
"I'm upset when I read The Atlantic Monthly's headline that says, 'Should the Jews leave Europe?' — a resounding 'no' on my end — and [New York Times columnist] David Brooks today talking about how to combat anti-Semitism," Weinstein said. "It's like, here we go again, we're right back where we were [before the Holocaust]. And the lessons of the past are we better stand up and kick these guys in the ass."
The co-head of The Weinstein Company continued, "I think it's time that we, as Jews, get together with the Muslims who are honorable and peaceful — but we [also] have to go and protect ourselves. We have to build, once again, back into the breach. There's a quote fromKurt Vonnegut's book The Sirens of Titan and it always was the motto of Miramax and now The Weinstein Company. It says, 'Good can triumph over evil if the angels are as organized as the mafia.' That's how we built our company! And, unfortunately, we [Jews] are gonna have to get as organized as the mafia. We just can't take it anymore. We just can't take these things. There's gotta be a way to fight back."
"While we must be understanding of our Arab brothers and our Islamic brothers," he added, "we also have to understand that these crazy bastards [Arab and Islamic extremists] are also killing their own — they're killing neighbors, they're killing people from all sorts of different races. And, unlike World War II, when we didn't act right away and we paid the price, we better start acting now. Trust me, I'm the last guy who wants to do anything about it, but I realize if we don't, we will perish. We can't allow the bad guys to win. So, as they say in The Godfather, 'back to the mattresses,' and back to the idea that we will not ever forget what happened to us."
Earlier in the evening, Weinstein was described as "a larger-than-life personality" but also "a really nice Jewish boy" by Katzenberg. The emcee pointed out that Weinstein and his brother, Bob, named their first company, Miramax, after their parents, Miriam and Max, asking — to laughter and applause — "In all the thousands of years and annals of dutiful, nice Jewish boys, how many of them named their company after their parents? C'mon, this is like the ultimate mitzvah!" He also described Weinstein as having "an outsized personality" and "an outsized heart," and also being "an extraordinary and dedicated philanthropist."
Waltz handled the actual presentation of Weinstein's award. Calling Weinstein a man with "a heart of gold," Waltz pointed out that the honoree has handled the distribution of a great number of films connected to Jews, Nazis and/or the Holocaust — not just Basterds, but also The TruceLife Is BeautifulThe ReaderSarah's KeyCaptain Corelli's Mandolin,The Imitation Game and the upcoming Woman in Gold. (He then introduced a clip fromWoman in Gold — a film about an elderly Jewish woman seeking the return of artwork stolen from her family by Nazis — which opens next week.) He closed, "Harvey's words, philanthropy and brilliant films inspire all to strive toward righteousness without shielding our eyes from the past."
NBCUniversal vice chairman Ron MeyerLarry A. Mizel, Rabbi Meyer May and RabbiMarvin Hier (SWC's dean and founder, as well as a two-time Oscar-winning documentarian and the only rabbi among the Academy's 6,000-plus members) helped to confer the award — a menorah-like statuette — upon Weinstein. Other notables in attendance included Vivi NevoMichael Milken and Michael Chow.
This year's gathering took on a particular somber tone in the wake of the ongoing unrest in the Middle East.
“As many of you know, it’s been my privilege to be a part of these dinners for some 15 years,” Katzenberg told the crowd. “Throughout the time, the need for the work of the center has always been great. But I believe that, right now today, the need is greater than ever. Intolerance seems to be spreading like an incredibly dangerous virus — a virus that far too often is lethal.” He listed a “sampling of events” over the past year — rockets fired randomly on towns and schools in Israel, the murder of 21 Christian Egyptians in Libya and the “gruesome spectacle of beheadings by terrorists afraid to show their faces but proud to post videos of every horrific detail on the Internet.”
“Hate can wreck sudden destruction with the blast of bomb or the trigger of a gun,”Katzenberg said. 
Tuesday’s gala featured the surprise announcement that an additional $50 million has been raised toward construction of a sprawling Museum of Tolerance complex in Jerusalem.Katzenberg announced the new donation, which he said had come together “over the last few months” and gives the center 87 percent of the new campus’ projected cost.
Katzenberg said the $50 million includes “a gift of $26 million — the largest gift in the history of the Simon Wiesenthal Center — from Dawn Arnall to name the building in memory of her late husband, Roland,” the billionaire businessman and former U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands. The other bequests include “a gift of $10 million from the world-renowned philanthropist and chairman of the Milken Institute, along with his wife,Michael and Lori Milken... and a gift of $10 million from Larry and Carol Mizel to jointly name the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem campus. A gift of $18 million [came] from one of Canada’s most generous families, Gordon and Leslie Diamond, to name the 1,000-seat amphitheater.” There also was an anonymous $5 million gift.
The planned Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem will tackle pressing issues like the rise of global anti-Semitism,  the promotion of human dignity for people of all faiths and the necessity of opposing extremism and hate, no matter where it is directed. The 94,000 square-foot site will house a 149,000 square-foot building, including two experiential museums, one for adults and one for children; a state-of-the-art International Conference Center; a “Grand Hall,” Education Center and Theater for the Performing Arts. The building will be surrounded by the Tikkun Olam Garden of approximately 24,000 square feet as well as a 1,000-seat Amphitheater of approximately 11,765 square feet.
As is traditional at these events, Simon Wiesenthal Center Medals of Valor were presented to an international cadre of individuals who have heroically defended tolerance and human rights. One of this year’s recipients was Lassan Bathily, a Muslim immigrant from Mali, who courageously hid Jewish shoppers at a kosher market in Paris during a tense hostage crisis with a terrorist. Another was Kevin Vickers, who as Sergeant-at-Arms of the Canadian House of Commons in Ottawa, shot and killed a terrorist gunman, saving the lives of many of his colleagues. (He is now his country’s ambassador to Ireland.)
Zidan Seif, a policeman from Israel’s Druze minority, was honored for sacrificing his life to protect a West Jerusalem synagogue from two Palestinian terrorists. Eduard Schulte, a prominent German industrialist and secret anti-Nazi, was singled out for risking his life to cross the border into Switzerland to warn the West that the Nazi regime intended to kill all of Europe’s Jews.
The Simon Wiesenthal Center is one of the largest international Jewish human rights organizations with more than 400,000 member families in the United States. Its Museum of Tolerance on Pico Blvd. hosts more than 350,000 people annually, including 130,000 students. Its “Tools for Tolerance” programs have been the recipients of many awards, including the United Nations Peace and Tolerance Award. The museum also is a member of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience and part of their Immigration and Civil Rights Network Southwest Region Immigration Training Project.

Protest Fournier’s Malicious Cartoon in Chicago Tribune! Cartoonist Joe Fournier is wrong. Israel does not deliberately target civilians. Protest against his latest cartoon!

Joe Fournier cartoon

In his latest cartoon, this time focusing on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election, Chicago Tribune cartoonist Joe Fournier decided it was okay to draw an offensive, untruthful and venomous cartoon against Netanyahu.
The cartoon, which appeared in Tuesday’s Chicago Tribune as well as on Fournier’s Facebook page, depicted Netanyahu saying, “Seriously? People were surprised when I said that there would be no two-state solution in order to secure my re-election? Come on, this is Bibi we’re talking about! The same Bibi who had the Israeli military repeatedly bomb Palestinian hospitals, mosques and schools…”
The false accusation Fournier makes here, is that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) deliberately targeted civilian and religious infrastructure during last year’s war against Hamas in Gaza.
Fournier’s outright lie cannot be further from the truth.
The truth, is that last summer the terrorist group Hamas, which is committed to Israel’s destruction, again launched thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians from among Palestinian civilians – a double war crime according to international law. Israel was required to protect its civilian population – permissible from an international law standpoint – and launched a defensive war against Hamas.
Israel went to great lengths to ensure it avoided as many civilian casualties as possible – exactly the opposite of what Hamas was doing.
US General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Israel went an “extraordinary length” to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza. Dempsey also said that the US Pentagon sent a team to learn from the Israeli military how to limit civilian casualties.
Israel doesn’t try to kill civilians. It takes great measures to save them.
For its part, Hamas admitted that it uses human shields, placing innocent civilians in harms way. Click herefor the video.
Even the New York Times has admitted that Hamas hides weapons in civilian buildings.
So Joe Fournier got it wrong. Israel did not, and never will, deliberately target civilian infrastructure because Israel is a moral country with a moral army.

If the Palestinians want to stop living like barbaric animals it is up to them. They need to stop attacking Israel and start behaving like human beings. As long as Palestinians act like animals and try to kill Jews every chance they get, they will and should be treated like animals. Hamas is to blame not Israel

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Documentary Exposes Hamas Indoctrination, Training of Child Soldiers